Natural Spalted Tamarind Coasters


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Coasters are an excellent way to prevent watermarks and scratches on valued furniture! Look closely at the coasters, one will see saw marks to help give it that rustic look! This set of amazing coasters are perfect for any house seeking a rustic or natural look!

  • All coasters are handmade.
  • 4 coasters in this set.
  • Each coaster comes with a cork bottom attached.
  • All coasters are coated with an Odies Oil topcoat that is water resistant.
    • While oil based coatings are water resistant, it is highly recommended to not let liquids sit for a period of time.
  • Care instructions:
    • Spray top with soap and water mixture or warm water. Ensure cork bottom is not soaked (can cause damage to cork bottom if soaked).
    • Dry off thoroughly after cleaning.
  • Coasters looks may vary when received as natural light and screen monitors can cause slight variations in color when compared to the naked eye.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 in

Spalted Tamarind


Medium brown, black markings


Wood, oil topcoat


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